Building Services

Whether you need repairs, construction or something in-between, our builders in Stratford have your back.


Chimney Removal

If you have blocked up or repurposed your fireplaces or are designing a loft extension, your chimney can go from a necessary feature to an obstruction.  more  

Leak Investigation

Even minor leaks can cause damage that extends far beyond what meets the eye, especially near walls or on the upper floors of a property.  more  


Drainage systems are an often-overlooked aspect of your property that is nonetheless responsible for the structural integrity of your property.  more  


More than just enhancing curb-side appeal, a property’s roof is its first line of defence against the elements.  more  


Electrical systems are something we take for granted, and only appreciate when they start to act up or require attention.  more  


Mann Building’s network of tradespeople understands the importance of keeping your home or business warm and comfortable, year-round – and how inconvenient boiler or radiator issue...  more  


With a dedication to quality, innovation and client satisfaction, Mann Building’s carpenters in Stratford bring a wealth of experience and an exacting eye for detail to every proje...  more  


From routine plumbing maintenance to more complex installations, Mann Building’s network of plumbers in Stratford and the wider M25 area are your partners for running taps and flow...  more