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Leak Investigation in Stratford





Precise technology meets expert analysis

Even minor leaks can cause damage that extends far beyond what meets the eye, especially near walls or on the upper floors of a property.

Mann Building's leak investigations in Stratford and the wider M25 area serve to safeguard your property against disruptive and normally expensive water-based damage. Our expertise and use of specialist technology ensures that no leaks escape our grasp, whether it happens to be behind an appliance or within a wall. Once we have pinpointed the leak, we will use minimally-destructive methods to tackle the issue and arrange repairs from Mann's builders in Stratford if necessary.

Confused by dripping or unexplainably high water bills?

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Our leak investigations in Stratford can include:

  A thorough site assessment

  Employing leak detective tools to locate the leak

  Testing the pressure of your plumbing systems, if necessary

  Potentially introducing coloured dyes into your plumbing system to trace the leak

  Examining your roof if we believe this may be the source of the leak

  Documenting and reporting our findings


under sink pipe being worked on by hands holding orange wrench