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Chimney Removals in Stratford





Safety, precision and skill

If you have blocked up or repurposed your fireplaces or are designing a loft extension, your chimney can go from a necessary feature to an obstruction.

Removing a chimney requires precision and care, and our chimney removal services are here to meet this need. Mann Building's team can assist you with reclaiming space, modernising your aesthetics or adapt to structural changes, seeing the process through from the initial assessments to the safe disposal of materials.

Upgrade your roofline today.

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What is included as part of our chimney removals in Stratford?

  Assistance with acquiring the relevant permits and permissions

  Disconnecting any utilities linked to your chimney

  Assessing the impact the removal will have on the remaining building structure

  Dismantling and removing the bricks, mortars and other materials comprising the structure

  Restoring the interior spaces affected by the removal such as ceilings, walls and other surrounding structures

  Patching and repairing openings left following the removal

rustic style living room with black metal fire and wooden ceiling beams