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Drain Services in Stratford





Let's make drain disasters a thing of the past.

Drainage systems are an often-overlooked aspect of your property that is nonetheless responsible for the structural integrity of your property.

Mann Building's specialist drain services in Stratford and the wider M25 area ensure that your water flows seamlessly, your drains remain clear and your property remains dry. Our team of drain specialists and builders in Stratford utilise an approach that is both proactive and preventative, nipping potential drainage issues in the bud before they can come to pass.

Save money on future repairs with our drain services.

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Our drainage services in Stratford include:

  Managing and controlling the flow of surface water

  Servicing stormwater drainage systems to direct water away from infrastructure

  Installing channels and drains such as swales of French drains

  Modifying the gradient or sloping of your property to promote drainage

  Inspecting and maintaining existing drainage systems

  Applying waterproofing materials and solutions to structures

drainage outside basement window of brick house